Teaching pre-school kids

Why I will never teach pre-school kids AGAIN ......

At the creche where I work, there is a little girl named Vicky. She is so cute and sweet.Yesterday, just before going off, I found her busy, trying to put on her shoes.

I approached her, and offered to help her. It wassuch a torrid time. The boots seamed to be smaller than her size. It took me 5 minutes to help her wear them.

When we were done, after making a steps away from her, she called me and said "Teacher, you made me wear banana". When I looked at her shoes, to my embarrassment , I realised I had misplaced her shoes - the banana style.

Upon trying to take off the shoes again, it took me 3 minutes. After struggling so much I eventually managed to remove them and tried putting them on again, this time the correct way. However, it was more difficult than the first time.

When I finished, she said: "Teacher, these shoes are not mine!"

I really got 😠 angry, but since I work with little kids👧🏼,

I had to be patient and control my anger. I struggled to remove the shoes . I then asked Vicky where her own shoes🥿🥿 were and this is what she said:

"These shoes🥿🥿 belong to my sister, my mum is the one who made me wear them in the morning today".

This time I boiled in anger😡. But since I always do

my job perfectly and whole heartedly, I helped her to put on the shoes🥿🥿 again. When we were done, Vicky pulled another shocker, yet again.

"What about the socks🧦 , teacher?" she asked.

I wondered whether I should laugh🤣 or cry😢.

Politely and swiftly I asked her, "Where are the socks🧦 Vicky?"

She innocently replied: "I shoved them in my shoes🥿 , they are in front of my toes "

I simply resigned!


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