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Hate bathing joke

Today I asked my Wife to give me $100 to buy a couple of beers.. Truly speaking, I'm that one guy who hate bathing , So my Wife said she will give me the Money on one condition.. She said “go bath, I have already put some warm water in the bath” I went in there and applied some Vaseline on my body and then do my own things.

After a few minutes later, I rushed out where she was sitting with the Kids and say “I'm done Bathing, Where's my Money ? They all looked at me and started laughing, I was very surprised and getting angry simultaneously then one of my kids said... “You clearly didn't bath Dad, because the Money is right under the Soap”. Oh my


There is one thing in making 3d animation, funny animated videos to formal professional video clips, presenting your business to the world and there is another in captivating the public with your presentation such that they will be attracted, curious, exicited and willing to patronise your business.

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