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Getting started Tools

You will be learning how to create *3D CARTOON ANIMATION VIDEOS just with your computer * and start earning cool cash from it. Create animations for websites, blogs, companies and business adverts.

Learning 3D Animation 

In this training, we will cover

👉🏽 Tools needed for creating animation videos

👉🏽 Cartoon Character Customization for you to choose the hair style, face style etc

👉🏽 Setting the Scene of action_

👉🏽 Adding inbuilt Voicing or custom (Your own) Voicing for characters_

👉🏽 Setting Character reaction, behavior and Gestures during a conversation_

👉🏽 Camera Positioning, control and movement_

👉🏽 Adding subtitles to your animation script_

👉🏽 Adding Special Sound Effects e.g slap sound, gun sound from afar etc_

👉🏽 Compiling and Exporting your animation

Tools needed

  • Iclone software.

  • Iclone full manual.

  • Iclone animated motion full packs. Thousands of motion pack, making your work easier.

  • Where to get free characters, props, etc. for your projects.

  I will  guide you online while you work on this money making machine. Which can generate over 2,000 dollars in a week.

Where to find jobs with this money making career.

Running video adverts for Banks, Telecommunications companies, private companies, making your own movie or musical video, etc.

Make the right choice and start producing 3d video animation movies.


There is one thing in making 3d animation, funny animated videos to formal professional video clips, presenting your business to the world and there is another in captivating the public with your presentation such that they will be attracted, curious, exicited and willing to patronise your business.

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