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Getting started with the Environment

Content Manager and Scene Manager

Content manager is where you load your characters, stages ,trees ,light ,etc.

1.Collapse/Expand - Click the button to collapse/expand the Content Manager or Scene
Manager individually.

2.Show/Hide - Click this button to show/hide the pane of the Content Manager and Scene

3.Resize -Drag the border to resize the pane of the Content Manager and Scene

Content Manager

The content manager is used for managing the various iClone 3D files including models, animations and
Contents associated with a project.

1.Folder Editing Tools
• : Create a new folder.
• : Delete selected folder.
• : Rename selected folder.

2.File Editing Tools
• :Cut selected file.
• :Copy selected file.
• :Paste copied file.
• :Delete selected file.

3 Rename • :Rename selected file.

4.Capture  Thumbnail
• :Replace the thumbnail of the selected file with the current view in the preview

5.Load Thumbnail
• :Replace the thumbnail of the selected file with prepared image file.

6 View
• : Cycle through the content display options.

7 Find File
• : Open the file location with the default explorer of your operating system.
If you do not select any file and click this button, then iClone will open a new
explorer with the path:
Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Reallusion\Template\iClone 4
Template\iClone Template\(current tab)\
Windows Vista/Windows 7
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Template\iClone 4 Template\iClone
Template\(current tab)\

8 Overwrite
•: Select an item then click the Overwrite button to replace it with the
content from the current project. Only content in the Custom tab can be over

9 Add
• : Add the current content being edited to the Custom tab to save it for later
use in any iClone project.

10 Apply
• : Apply the selected content to the current project. This does the same as
double-clicking the content thumbnail.

Scene Manager
The Scene Manager displays all the objects and actors included in the current project. You may select
multiple items, show/hide the objects altogether, or even adjust the render state of them. It also shows
the face count of each object for your reference.

Control Bar
The control bar is used to undo/redo actions, manipulate the view of the camera and the objects' position
and rotation, align objects to the terrain, and render the current view into an image and to enter full
screen mode. You can find the Control Bar on the top of the 3D viewer.

Camera Tools

It displays all the objects in Wireframe, which increase the performance most of your system.

Drag-and-Drop to Preview Window
Instead of using the Content Manager or Import methods to load your assets, you can drag and drop
them into the iClone Preview Window from your system explorer.
This way you can store all your desired files in a single folder and use the Drag-and-Drop feature to
quickly load them into iClone.

Drag and Drop Media with Right Mouse Button
When you drag and drop a media files with right mouse button, you are prompted with a menu to
select the desired action for how the media is applied.
• Image or Video: If you want to apply an image or video to a specific channel, please select
the To: XXX entry, where the XXX is the material name of the target object, and select the target
channel in the submenu.

Drag and Drop Mesh Objects
You can drag any object with meshes such as Actors, Props, Accessories, Terrain, Sky... etc. into
iClone to load it at the location you drop it.
Variations of Accessories
If you drag and drop an accessory file (.iAcc) on an actor, it will follow the accessory's conventional
behavior; if dropped on the floor, it will become a prop.

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