Recommended Hymns to Guide You While Driving

Funny jokes

At 60km/h
"It is Well With My Soul"

- At 80km/h 
"God will Take Care of Me."

- At 100km/h 
"Guide Me Oh Thou Great Redeemer."

- At 120km/h 
"Nearer My God to Thee.

- At 140km/h 
"This World Is Not My Home."

- At 160km/h 
"Lord, I Am Coming Home."
- At 180km/h
"I Fly Away..."

- At 200km/h 
"I Have Decided To Follow Jesus..."

- At 220km/h 
"Take my life..."

Please don't just laugh it off, learn the hymns and adjust. The Road is very Patient but it doesn't forgive.

Most importantly pass it on so that we stop over speeding.

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