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Getting started with human characters


IClone allows you to adjust the size, length and thickness of each sub node (parts of the body) of the actors. You may adjust the sub nodes of each finger as well.
Adjust Proportion.

1. Select the sub node of the actor from the drop-down list. You may also click directly on the nodes
of the dummy.

2. Adjust the Width, Length, or Depth to change the proportion of the node.

Actor - Look At

Instead of manually adjusting the head of an actor to look at a moving target, you may use this time saving feature.

Look At

1. Double click on the desired actor.
2. Go to the Actor/Avatar/Modify page. In the Look At section, click the Pick Target button.
3. In the 3D viewer, click on a target.
You can have the actor Look At the target object over a certain period of time and then have it stop looking outside that time range.

• You may optionally select the sub node of the target by clicking on the button and select a
desired node in the tree view.

Look At the Camera

If you want the actor to Look At a camera all the time, simply click the Look At Camera button.
The actor rotates her head and looks at the camera all the time even if the camera moves away.

Creating a Head

The head of your actor can either be one of the predefined template heads or created from a photograph
or imported image. This section is a reference guide to creating a custom 3D head.

Loading the Facial Image

If you choose to use a photograph to create the head of your actor, it should be a clear, well lit picture of
a full head facing front, with nothing obscuring the facial features. It can be a BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG or TGA
image file.

To load the image:

1. Click the Head tab.
2. Click the Load Image button to open the browser window.
3. Browse to the location of the facial photo and click the Open button to load the
selected image file.
4. The facial image is loaded and can be adjusted and enhanced if necessary.


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